A must see for all Shoe Fanatics

The documentary God Save my Shoes, written and directed by new comer Julie Benasra and produced by Theirry Daher ,takes a in depth look at the intimate relationship women have with shoes.

They have now become such a huge part of our culture they have their own nick names. When the terms “Jordans” or “Red Bottoms” are used it’s understood most of the time that shoes are being discussed. Shoes have taken on personalities and personas of their own. 

When does an indulgence become and obsession? When does an obsession become a dependency? When does a dependancy become an addiction? The documentary, released the summer of 2011, is still gaining notoriety for attempt to answer the the question: Why are women so enticed by shoes? 

A shoe is a compulsive thing for some girls.” said shoe designer Pierre Hardy.

The Documentary includes a depth look at ,world-famous poker champion, BethShak who is a best known for owning more than 1200 pairs of designer shoes. A collection that includes at least 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins. Shak made national headlines when it was revealed she had a shoe collection worth one million dollars. The price of her shoe collection was discovered when her soon to be ex-husband began adding up the price of her shoes she would wear to their divorce proceedings, he claimed she had a hidden closet of shoes and feels he should paid a reimbursement for helping her amass such large collection.

In the film Fergie and Kelly Rowland , along with a host of other celebrities, discuss their best and worst footwear experiences ranging from falling in heals, to purchasing favorite designer and to how shoes can convey emotions. Also a variety of women of all races across the country display some of the largest collections of shoes in the country and explain how they were able to become so massive.

A shoe tells who you are, it tells a story about you.” said Fergie

The Documentary God Save My Shoes is not only a fun escape into the world of footwear but also examines the psychological, sociocultural and erotic significance of shoes. Some of the most sought after shoe designers of today like Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin and fashion experts discuss their passion for shoes in the documentary.

A simple thing [a shoe] goes on a women’s feet and can change how her outfit looks or even her behavior ”said, Filipa Fino ,senior accessories editor for Vogue New York

The documentary is the available now on dvd and can be purchased on dvd or viewed online at godsavemyshoes.com. Also on the website are webisodes that provide audiences with things like a peek in the shoe closet of Vogue magazine and trip inside a Christian Louboutin store. This is the perfect indulgence for anyone who calls themselves a shoe fanatic.


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