Go DJs Host Urban Music Conference

In order to help better prepare some of Baton Rouge’s up and coming rappers and DJs for a career the music industry the Go DJ’s Music Group hosted the Bayou Urban Music Conference at Vibes 2.0 in Port Allen.

“This generation has really become a microwave society where artist want instant fame and instant money in this business, it takes time. Artist should focus on building their audiences.” said DJ Marquis a DJ for Citadel Broadcasting.

The Go DJ’s Louisiana is the Louisiana Chapter of the the Houston based organization . The Louisiana a chapter is headed by Go DJ’S Black n’ Mild, Silver & Lil Man who were original members of of the Go DJ’s. According to their website the mission of the Louisiana chapter is to promote DJ unity in New Orleans and surrounding areas and also introduce audiences to new artist and new music.

At the conference the Go DJs provided a panel that consisted of some the most popular DJs and radio personalities in Louisiana. These panelist offered the crowd valuable advice on aspects of the music industry. DJ Marquis said getting into this industry is no different from running a political campaign, you have to start at the grass roots level and work your way up.

“ Sometimes an A&R rep or an entertainment attorney could charge an artist up to a few hundred dollars an hour just to listen to a demo or offer legal advice, but at conferences like this up and coming artist can get the same type of information for next to nothing.” said Wild Wayne, Q93 New Orleans Radio Personality.

Most of the participants in the conference were in the very early stages of their careers,and many of the questions were centered around gaining fame in local markets.

“Find your audience; for example if you are a R&B artist, go to a club that plays R&B. Don’t go to the most popular club that plays mostly Rap and Hip-Hop and ask the DJ there to play your single.” said DJ Marquis.

With the growth of using social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube , to steadily on the rise these outlets have allowed aspiring artist to reach more potential fans than ever before.

“Artist can’t just rely on youtube, that would be like me owning a business and the only thing I did to grow that business was only hand out business cards; having a large prominence on social media is only one tool, there are other components used to build a career.” said Wayne.

Even though the Hip Hop industry has become more “tech-savy” and more materialistic, according to some, many members on the panel agreed it its not the most viewers on youtube or the most jewelry you have that will attract attention or the ear of a DJ.

“Be original. Be different. Stand out. People get tired of hearing the same thing. If you’re writing rhymes about how many people you have killed or how many pills you have popped it probably won’t catch ear very quickly in this market.” said DJ PK-One.



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