Barber Creates Exclusive Juice

Joe P’s Exclusive Juice

Twenty-eight-year-old Baton Rouge resident and barber Joseph “Joe” Pierre has been in the hair industry for almost half of his life and daily he runs into obstacles.
Even with a variety of clients, challenge after challenge kept presenting itself. But one obstacle he faces has turned this small business owner into a haircare producer thanks to his male clients and their dry scabs.
“You have some men who don’t know how to take care of their hair or do not shampoo it on a regular basis,” said Pierre.
The lack of shampooing or regular maintenance, he said, can cause the scalp to become dry. Dryness of the scalp can cause the appearance of dirt and flakes to appear in hair.
“When I have clients who have this problem it makes it harder for me to see their scalp and cut their hair,” said Pierre.
Instead of racing to the nearest hair supply store to find product to help combat the problem Pierre decided to take a more creative approach to providing his clients with healthier scalps.
“I remember I had a coworker who introduced me to the idea of mixing chemicals to create my own product,” he said.
It was then Pierre realized he needed to create his own product that he could use while he was cutting hair so he could better see their scalp. He also wanted something that not only made the scalp more visible but kept it hydrated and healthy . Relying on his experience and education, Pierre began creating a formula.
“I had to find products that worked well together, smell good and also open the pores to hydrate the scalp,” he said.

After mixing trial and error Pierre was able to settle on just the right formula, containing menthol and eucalyptus among other ingredients, that he began using on himself and planned only to use on clients during haircuts.
“Once I began using it on clients they started asking me what it was I would just tell them If I tell you what it is it won’t be exclusive,” said Pierre.
Shortly after, his clients began asking him to provide them with his “Exclusive Juice” to use between weekly haircuts.
“My clients really urged me to put this product into mass production,” he said.
That’s when Pierre went back to his home and began production of Exclusive Juice–which is purchased exclusively through him.
It comes in a spray bottle for users to spritz into their hair or a pop open top where clients can massage it into their hair.
“The spray top is perfect for women to use because when their hair is treated with chemicals it can become dry… also usually their hair is styled so all they have to is spritz in a little and continue with their day,” he said.
Pierre’s Exclusive Juice is designed to give users a healthy scalp and can be used one all types of people with all kinds of hair. A healthy scalp helps prevent dirt and flakes and makes hair easier to cut and style.

Joe P Creater of Exclusive Juice

“I’ve used it on my daughter’s hair in morning before I send her school as well as White and Black clients. It will keep it healthy and give it shine,” said Pierre.
Exclusive Juice is best used when applied after a shower or when the hair is wet and the pores are still open. It can continue to be applied throughout the day, he said.
Although Exclusive Juice gives the hair a sheen, it’s main purpose is to hydrate the scalp so it can be used with other styling products.
“It’s great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair because all they have to do is spray on Exclusive Juice, style their hair and go,” said Pierre.
Although Pierre originally created Exclusive Juice to make his job a little easier, he was able to provide his clients with an easier way to keep their hair healthy.
“I eventually want to try creating other products, but I first want make sure Exclusive Juice the best so the products to come will have a solid foundation,” he said.
Exclusive Juice can be purchased by contacting Pierre at

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