Crestworth Middle School Temporarily Closed

Officials with the Recovery School District said Crestworth Middle school will close temporailly for failing to meet building codes that would have allowed students and staff to begin classes next week.
Instead, students will travel to Glen Oaks Middle School until Crestworth reopens.

RSD staff are calling parents personally to notify them of the change, said Kizzy Payton, executive director of communications for the district.

Since the move is not permanent the students still will be considered Crestworth Middle School Students. Transportation will be provided to Glen Oaks middle school.

“We are not sure how long it will take to bring the school up to code,but RSD is making getting the students and staff back in the building a priority and will have the students back in the building as soon as possible” said Payton.

“RSD was not able to enter the schools that were acquired until the first of July with inspectors, it was discovered during the inspections that Crestworth would need to undergo improvements before it can open to students and staff,” she said.

Crestworth and 11 other Baton Rouge schools were taken over this year by RSD. Crestworth is the only school that will be closed temporarily.


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