Brothers in Entertainment with book and fashion line

Brothers Kaleb and Kyler Doutrive are learning entrepreneurial skills a young age following the release of their book and clothing line.

 Eight year old Kaleb a second grader at Belfair elementary wrote and published his first book titled “Funny Chaps”. The book, tells the story of two brothers who move to a new town and the adventures the brothers go on with their new friends.


“Children aren’t reading as much as they should and by Kaleb writing a book I think it will encourage children his age to want to read more”, said Comedian Howard Hall.


Cosha Hayes, the boys’ mother, said The book was published through her production company Bran Nue productions, which has also published her books and other local authors as well. She enjoyed working with her sons throughout the creative process.


“I only helped Kaleb with editing and working with an illustrator to help him transform his visions of what the characters looked like in his mind to actual drawings on paper”said Hayes.


Elven year old Kyler a fifth grader at Belfair elementary debuted his second collection for his tshirt line named “Skayte by Kyler D”. The first collection was launched last year and included designs inspired by skateboarding.


“I like desging clothes for my friends to wear and my favorite part is seeing my designs on tshirts”said Kyler


The first collection which was released last year only included styles for boys and the new collection for this year included new designs for boys, and also debuted his first line of t shirts for girls.


“I get my ideas from different places ,but mainly skateboarding and I know boys arent the only ones who skateboard and thats why I added tshirts for girls this time”, said Kyler


Hayes said Bran Nue Productions markets and promotes Skayte also and that she is working with Kyler to help him expand his clothing line from tshirts to eventually include shoes and jeans. She involves the boys in every aspect of the production process that include tracking sales, attending meetings and opening bank accounts. She believes it will help better prepare them for adulthood and encourage them to take even more pride in their endeavors.



To celebrate the release of the book and new collection of tshirts Kaleb and Kyler held a book signing and fashion show.At the show guest were able to purchase signed copies of “Funny Chaps and see the new collection of Skayte by Kyler D.


“As a mother I think having line of tshirts desgined by children for children is great because no better understands what children that age want wear than someone in that age group” said April Williams of Mature Woman now Magazine



“Funny Chaps” and can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, , and there is also a Kindle version available as well. Skayte by Kyler can purchased on , , and  Image


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