Chicken Shack enters Mobile Food Market

Chicken Shack Truck

One of Baton Rouge’s most long-standing restaurants has joined the mobile food industry thanks to the leadership of the Delpit family’s fourth generation of entrepreneurs.

The great grandchildren of businessman Thomas Delpit has taken the famous Chicken Shack recipe mobile with a new express food truck.

“My sister and I came up with the idea after she went on a trip to Texas and saw how popular food trucks were,” said Douglas Smith, 25, manager of the Chicken Shack Express and Delpit’s great grandson.

The Chicken Shack Express Truck serves  some of Shack’s most popular dishes, including poboys, sandwiches, fish, and shrimp dinners with sides and of course the Chicken Shack’s famous fried chicken.


“One of the greatest things about having a food truck is that unlike a typical restaurant, we can go to where our customers are instead of expecting them to come to us,” said Smith.

The truck operates Monday through Wednesday, 11am-2pm  on 4th Street Downtown Baton Rouge, and Thursday and Friday from 2pm to Dusk at Mr. Lee’s Carwash on Washington Street.

Just like his grandfather, Joe Delpit, and great grandfather, Thomas Delpit,  Smith is pursuing his dream and helping the family business grow at the same time.

Smith said that once he had the idea of starting a food truck for a long time and it motivated him leave his job at a securities company in Tennessee and relocate to Baton Rouge.

“I really wanted to turn this idea into a reality, If you really want to pursue a dream or goal you can’t only do it part-time you have to give it 100 percent,” said Smith

Smith said that since it’s opening at the end of May the Chicken Shack Express truck has received great feedback from its customers and local business have requested to be added to their list of stops. He also said that due to popular demand the restaurant hopes to have an additional truck by this time next year.

“I’m taking the business skills that my grandfather instilled in me and I am putting them back to our family business so that it continues to grow even more,” said Smith.


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