15 year-old Publishes first Installment of Fantasy Series

Reading 15-year-old Raheem D. Allen’s  book I Am Rick: Zane’s Destruction is like riding a literary roller coaster , for teenage readers. Published by Haste Maker Ent. in August, the story begins on a  fast-paced, unpredictable and exciting ride through Baton Rouge.

The story is a Harry-Potter-meets-X-men teen novel set   Baton Rouge  in the year 2067. The main character Rick is an average teenager trying to navigate his way through life and  high school.  Rick keeps to himself for the most part because of his special powers. Soon  Rick learns that he is not the only one who poses  the “gift” and that city of Baton Rouge is home to other “gifted” children, who attend  Baton Rouge’s School for the mind Body and Soul a training ground for other  children with special powers. After not only  finding out he is not the only “gifted” child Rick  also discovers that will have to rely on his powers to help save world.

“I was inspired to create the story because growing up  watching superheroes  I always thought why do they always have to be adults?” said Allen.

His parents, Dewey Allen and Kimberly Eubanks, encourage and support his writing, and his father is one of his inspirations.

Zane’s Destruction is the first of the four part I Am Rick series. The Baton Rouge High School sophomore  is working on I am Rick: The Crystal of Life, to be released summer of 2013 .

The young author aspires to have a career in the entertainment field and using his YouTube channel, chidori1239, to broadcast his comedy performances. The Kindle version of I am Rick: Zane’s Destruction can be purchased on Amazon.com for $2.99.

Allen said  is currently working to make the series available at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

 I am Rick Zanes Destruction

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