Grab It Designs Provides Customers with Unique Shopping Experience

Joey and Models

Two large racks of unfinished men and women’s clothing, greet persective shoppers as they enter Grab It apparel’s design studio. Unusual ? Yes,but that is what makes the shopping at studio a unique experience.

“All of the clothes on the racks are unfinished so when customers decide to purchase them they are finished, so that each customers garment is tailored to the customer” said Joey Redditt Grab It Founder.

It was two years ago the budding 22 year-old desginer created Grab It designs and opened a design studio with the intent to showcase his talent and provide customers with a unique shopping experience.Prices for Grab It apparel range from 15 dollars , for a tshirt, to 60 dollars for a dress.

“People go boutiques and have an idea of what they want but cant find it, when I come to Joey’s Studio if he hasn’t already made it he can make it for me” said April Bell Grab It model and customer.

Redditt,who studied Studio Art at Baton Rouge Community College, said he can only remember one time when he made the same garment twice. When customers come into his studio if they cannot find something they like in the studio they collaborate with Reddit on a design.

Redditt said that most of the designs he collaborates on with customers can be made within 24 hours after being sketched.

“I’m not really inspired by one particular thing I wouldn’t consider myself a designer, I look at myself as an artist who uses as clothing medium” said Redditt

Besides designing new clothing Redditt offers a unique service to his clients called “Upcycling”. Upcycling is done whenRedditt takes clothing from his clients and gives them a “makeover”. Redditt said Putting different button on a new shirt or bleaching an old pair of jeans can give them a new look and can be done before getting rid of clothes.

Joey Dress

Although he has been working as a designer for two years Redditt made his first tshirt ten years ago to commemorate the late r&b singer Aaliyah after her death in 2001.

Redditt said he wanted to become a designer after working in retail and noticing the high amount customers were paying for clothes.He was first asked by his cousin to design a unique sweatshirt to wear. Even though he had no sewing skills or formal design training, attempted to make the sweatshirt for his cousin.

“I added zippers to the sweatshirt, but instead of sewing them to the sweatshirt I glued them instead and he wasn’t happy with the way it came out.”said Redditt

Instead of discouraging the budding designer Redditt said his cousin helped him purchase his first sewing machine. Although he had help acquiring the tools bring his sketches to life he still needed to learn the skills to properly execute his designs.

“ I did not know how to sew but, I was still working in retail so I would look at the clothes and how they were constructed”said Redditt

Redditt said the first dress he constructed he originally planned to make a skirt for a christmas tree, but instead decided to make dress for woman. After made finished the dressed many of his friends and family were surprised to find out that design clothes and sew.

“Its so insipiring that so Joey has been able to come so far from teaching himself , he is puts so much passsion in to everything he creates” said Alysia Delone Childhood friend and Customer

Although still early in his career Redditt said the highlight of 2012 been when a longtime client commissioned him to make a wedding dress for her.

“I had no idea she wanted me to make her dress until she showed me the fabric, and she liked it so much her fiance had me surprise her with another (custom)  dress to wear to the reception” said Redditt.

Redditt said he plans to work on not only expanding his mens collection in 2013,adding accessories to his women’s line a putting more time into developing Grab it Kids .Grab it Design studios is located at 12087 Old hammond highway and open from 11am-7pm Monday- Saturday. To schedule an appointment contact

Joey Dress


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