Southern’s Athletic Director focuses on NCAA Standards, Improving Coaching Staff,and Generating Revenue,

William Broussard admittedly is no athlete. Aside from a short stint in
football, Broussard is far from your student athlete. But he is a scholar
and strategic thinker–two traits that landed him the job as Southern
University’s youngest athletic director.
The lack of athleticism isn’t uncommon for ADs nationwide. “More and more
universities are hiring athletic directors because this allows coaches to
focus their duties while someone else is overseeing the entire program and
ensuring that it is generating revenue,” said Broussard.
He is a 2000 graduate of Northwestern State University, and the university
of Arizona where earned a doctorate in rhetoric, composition, and the
teaching of the English language in 2007.
It was his faculty  positions in athletics and student life along with being
a former football player for NSU that inspired him to become involved in
sports administration.
At 36, Broussard has been athletics director at Centenary College in
Shreveport and cited NCAA rules compliance, academic performance and
“institutional advancement “as areas he attributes to the success he
experienced there.
He’s brought that same focus to help ensure Southern’s Athletic program is
successful even with recent coaching turnovers.
“We (are) working toward better adapting to Division 1 standards; it has
lead to some coaching turnovers, but also improvements. If we have high
quality coaches who up hold the rules they will attract high quality
While the student-athletes are learning in the classroom, he said, coaches
will attend classes and conferences that not only focus on better coaching
techniques but also provides strategies for building character and reaching
NCAA standards.
As Associate Athletic Director for External Relations and Executive Director
of the NSU Athletic Association in 2007, Broussard oversaw all areas of
athletic fundraising and external relations.  He broke records for or
attainment, annual fund, and corporate sponsorships. At NSU he also
garnered the largest gifts in the history of the department as well as the
university as a whole “athletic directors also work not  only to ensure
athletic  programs run well  but also generate revenue for universities
through building relationships with sponsors and creating ticket packages
that fans can afford,” said Broussard.
According to him, the department is also achieving academic success.
“It’s easy to say I want all of our sports to win more than they lose, but
we don’t want lose sight of the main focus and that is our athletes
graduating,” said Broussard.

In the last nine months, he has coordinated a social media and advertising
campaign (“#StandUnited”), hired 4 new coaches, dramatically improved home
football attendance and brought the Bayou Classic trophy back to the Bluff,
tripled the number of corporate sponsors and total attainment, established multi-year
university sponsorships netting millions of dollars in private support,
re-established or developed corporate and media relationships to establish
positive public relations.
Broussard said Jaguar fans can expect strong performances in indoor and
outdoor track, championship runs and potential NCAA appearances by Southern
baseball, women’s tennis, and men and women basketball; increased alumni
engagement and setting or breaking new records for corporate sponsorships
and private investment in Southern Athletics–as well as another National
Top 5 attendance record for 2013 football.
His life motto is “Whom the gods will destroy, first they label ‘promising.’
Potential is wonderful, results are better.”  He and wife, Kendra, live in
Baton Rouge.


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