R.Kelly Receives Key to the City and Inspires Local Musicians at Concert


The King of R&B made his first appearnence in the city of Baton Rouge that brought generations together and exposed new talent.

He is the king of R&B who takes you on a musical journey and for him to make  Baton Rouge a stop on that journey  is a great look for the city.” said LaTangela Fay , Max 94.1 radio personality

The more than 4000 R.Kelly fans who attened were not only able to see the legend in person but also get an introduction to new musical talent on the rise .

Louisiana’s own Cupid got the crowd moving when he performed his hit “The Cupid Shuffle” along with many of his other songs. The second opening act singer Kennedi Rayne scored a career high by performing in front the largest audience of her career so far.

I love music in any form from classical to r&b I just feel most comfortable sharing my gift with ohters R.Kelly is a person that puts out timeless music and it was truly and honor to perform tonight. ”said Rayne

Rayne said she was approached to open the concert by Affiliate Nation’s Ceo Adrian Hammond after he saw her perfrom at the Famous Theather and she is currently  in the process of recording her first album.

After the opening acts finsished their performances the king of R&B took the stage and asked the crowd one question: “What took y’all so damn long to bring me here? I gotta know!”

One of the best-selling artists of all time, Kelly delivered to his audience a musical smorgasbord of about 40 songs but only performed the full version of “Step in the Name of Love”,”When A Woman’s fed Up” and the classic “I believe I can Fly”. 

With a career in the music industry spanning 25 years Kelly still maintains the the suave, hyper-confidence he is known for and put it to use as he interacted with the crowd during Valentine’s Day show .

When he pulled a towel out to wipe his face, he asked a woman – in song -on each side of the stage to wipe him down in more ways than one.

“Welcome to the single ladies show!” he yelled into his bedazzled mic, raising his glasses and glancing coyly at the audience.

rkelly 2

At the end of the end of his 90 minute show Kelly  was presented with the key to city from Councilwoman C. Denise Marcelle.

R.Kelly is an artist who’s music brings generations together and we thought this would be a great way for the city to thank him for coming and give us the opportunity to congragulate him for all he has done.” said Marcelle

Bringing the King of R&B to the capital city was made possible by Affiliate Nation. Since 2002 Affiliate Nation has been responsible for bring has been responsible for bring artist and entertainers such as, Rick Ross, Mary J. Blidge, Floyd Mayweather, and Lil Wayne and Tank to Baton Rouge.

Citizen of Baton Rouge should not have to drive three or four ours to be entertained the entertainment should be coming to them” said Adrian Hammond Afilliate Nation CEO

If you do not  want to miss out on the next big concert or event Affiliate Nation will bring to Louisiana text anation 99000. 

rkelly key


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