Someone is Puttin Dem’ Paws on Lil Scrappy’s Checks


Somebody else will be “puttin dem paws” on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star  Lil Scrappy’s checks before he does because they are being garnished to pay off a $100,000 dollar debt.

According to the the star of the Atlanta based reality series was ordered to pay $72,218.68 to a concert booking booking company Heavy Rotation back in 2010 after losing a legal battle in a GA court.

Apparently, the rapper didn’t care and never paid. Since then the debt ballooned to $108,510.38 with intrest and attorneys fees.

Since Scrappy hasn’t paid up, Heavy Roation requested that chunks of his “Love and Hip Hop” money go straight to them first until the debt is satisfied and the court has signed off on the agreement.

Lil Scrappy ran into financial trouble in early 2010 when he and then girlfriend, rapper, Diamond were having trouble paying rent on their Atlanta home and Diamond’s car was reposesed on in the middle of her video shoot.

Love and Hip Hip Atlanta season 2 premire airs Monday April 22nd at 10 p.m. On VH1.

love and hip hop atlanta


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