T.I. and Mystikal Headline at Cajun Dome

T.I.’s performance at the Cajun Dome will go down as one of the best concerts of the summer.  Although the concert was headlined by “The King of the South” ; he shared the stage with a rap legend Mystikal. The New Orleans native , who’s live shows never disappoint, delivered a performance that reminded the audience why he is so well respected in the industry. During his set Mystikal energetically performed a medley of his ranging from “Still Smokin”, “It Aint my Fault”, and “Move”, that kept the crowd on their feet the whole time. As we thought Mysikal’s “turn up” was coming to an end he brought a surprise guest. Once T.I. took the stage the crowd was ready to hear what the “King of the South was going to keep the turn “up going” and  he did just that. I understand now why T.I. has self proclaimed himself as the King. He delivered one of the most energetic performance I had seen from rapper. T.I  travel’s  with an amazing sound system that he showcased by playing music from Rihanna, that  turned the  dome’s atmosphere from concert to party.  It sounded as we were  listening to a C.D. as  he  energetically performing  his medley of  from his first hit  “24’s” to songs from his new album “Trouble Man”. .Affiliate Nation was responsible for bringing them here and getting us in check out the footage from I.D.D.O. Productions below:


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