Lamar Odom’s Dealer Cuts Him Off


According to TMZ Lamar Odom’s crack cocaine addiction has reached such dangerous levels..his own dealer cut him off.
Allegedey the NBA stars addicition has become insaitiable he calls the dealer at all hours demanding crack.

It has been reported the athlete’s drug habit was costing him at minimum of $800 dollars a day. Why would the person making $800 dollars a day resign?  Apparently Odom’s dealer cut him off  due to the fear that a possible overdose could send authorities his way.

Sources closes to Odom have told the press this hasn’t encouraged him stop using or contact estranged wife Khole Kardashian.

Last week Odom was arrested for a DUI; although police found no alcohol or drugs in his SUV. According to the LAPD officers at the scene  he smelled of alcohol and his behavior lead to them to believe he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Earlier this month, after a failed intervention attempt,  Khole Kardashian gave her husband  the ultimatium “get clean or the marriage is over”. So far neither Odom or Kardashian have taken the steps to end the marriage, but it has been reported the couple haven’t spoken in weeks. E! News is reporting Odom is currently seeking out patient treatment it has yet to be confirmed by athlete’s camp.


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