Documentary Explores Booty Injection Trend



Pain 1

There are more than three million “twerking” videos currently on youtube; solidifying this generation’s obsession with the derriere and its appearnece isn’t going anywhere and because of this illegal butt enhancements could be America’s next major epidemic.

Creating the perfect posterior has become a lucrative business for plastic surgeons and hustlers alike.

Most of the women who seek the procedure can’t afford the prices to get it professionally done, so they’ll call ” a friend of a friend” and turn to back alleys for discount work from unqualified sources.

pain 2

The dcocumentary Butt Loads of Pain explores butt shots gone wrong and what life is like for some of the women , and men,  who have had their posteriors plumped.

One Miami stripper explains “It’s like the Underground railroad. You tell somebody, they tell somebody.  I went to sleep flat and woke up with a booty”

Buttloads of Pain is entertaining, revealing and informative, look into the obsession to attain the perfect “booty” that could sometimes come with serious complications.

Check out the trailer below.


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