Paul George denies he was catfished

According to multiple media outlets Indiana Pacers star  Paul George allegedly sent naked photos of himself ,unknowingly, to a gay man.

Paul George
One of the photos Paul George sent to “Paul”

It’s not like the basketball player drove thousands of miles to meet what he thought would be the woman of his dreams, only to find out it was someone playing with his emotions via a social network and be embarrassed on national t.v.

If you didn’t know what being “catfished” was I just explained it you.

He was   just looking for “Mrs. Right Now” and it she just happened to be “Mr. Lets see if I can trick celebrities into sending me naked pictures” . I know that was a long last name, but it’s funny when you read it out load.

The man, who is only known as Paul, claimed that he previously sent out various provocative pictures to numerous athletes and celebrities hoping that they would  to respond to them.

So for that you really can’t get mad at George, women throw themselves at professional athletes all the time and you can’t get mad at young man for wanting to take advantage.

When one is presented with so many options a.k.a “groupies”, shouldn’t one’s taste become more discerning? Paul sent this woman multiple pictures including ones of his face, but didn’t ask for many in return.

I mean, wouldn’t he want to see what type of face is attached to the ass,does that even matter?

Then Indiana Pacer star George Hill reminded me that celebrities are just regular people and  people make mistakes aka let themselves get catfished.

After Hill  warmed up with his fellow Pacers on March 25  he told the waiting press, “The whole story, as far as me being catfished, I know the girl that sent the pictures out. It wasn’t a catfish story, it was a girl – I don’t want to get into the story but I know who’s behind it.”

He told the Indianapolis Star it was some woman he knows.



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