Company Offers Rob Kardashian Lifestyle Change and Payday

Apparently when you get skinny your bank account gets fat-that’s if you’re Rob Kardashian.

Last December the youngest Kardashian claimed he wasn’t feeling well and he was taken to an L.A. hospital, where he was diagnosed with Diabetes.

The 28 year old began to pack on the bounds following bad break up that lead to depression and his departure from the lime light.


Rob hasn’t been seen since June of last year , but according to TMZ the next time we see Rob his waist will be shrinking and bank account expanding.

“Five Hour Diabetic,” which designs specialized meal plans for people with type 2 diabetes, reached out to Kardashian  be their spokesperson.

According to TMZ the deal includes The deal comes with a sweet $100,000 payday, plus profit sharing and a well as a lifetime membership for meal plans, and medical consultations.

Those Kardashians/Jenners know how to turn any situation into a check and  I ain’t mad at them for it!


Tae Heckard ends Domestic Partnership

tae heckard solo

There  have been rumors swirling around for months that former video vixen Tae Heckard and NBA star Brandon  Jennings are engaged, but Heckhard has decided to lighten her load before she can jump the broom.

Heckard can’t legally tie the knot until she terminates her relationship with a woman named Monique Blanton , who she domestically partnered up with back in 2008.

According to TMZ Sports  the ex-video vixen has filed papers to end her domestic partnership with Blanton.

According to court docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Lashontae took Monique’s last name , so their relationship appears to have been more than just a way to save on taxes and we should’ve been referring to her as Ms. Blanton and not Ms. Heckard. *sips tea*

Apparently this is all water under the bridge because Tae noted in legal docs, obtained by TMZ,  that she and Monique separated in 2011 ,citing irreconcilable differences.

Tae Hackard and Jennings
Photos from Heckard’s instagram

According to the docs, Tae checked the box to legally restore her last name to Heckard — clearing the way to become a Jennings in the event she and Brandon trade tie the not.

I guess, just like what Solonage said to Jay Z in the elevator ,we’ll never really know what happened between Heckard and Blanton, but you have to admit the woman who has served as the #womancrushwednesday for many was living with a #womancrush of her own and you ain’t even know it!

Get to know Justin Garner

Justin Garner copy 2TOURING WITH TREY SONGZ AND outselling Beyoncé are just two accomplishments that are pushing pop singer Justin Garner to the forefront of the music industry. His ability to wrap so many genres inside his R&B and pop melodies even have people around world taking notice.

In 2011 Garner released his sophomore album I am, and in February a re-mastered version with new songs debuted on Japan’s iTunes R&B charts at #19. In just mere hours it had surpassed Beyonce’s self-tilted album for the #1 spot.

“I got on iTunes and looked for myself in Japan and found a big banner saying Justin Garner that was right next to a Beyoncé ad. I was number one and she was number 12,” Garner said.

While his music has been released in the United States, Garner said he believes that a big reason that it has received so much attention in Japan is that the Japanese approach new artists differently than Americans. Justin Japan itunes

“Overseas in Japan they love great singers and vocals. There, it’s more about the searching for music from abroad, but in America it’s more about the politics and marketing side.”

In an age where social media networks have become the standard way to communicate, Garner has

used the popularity of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to ensure that his music gets to his fans, which he refers to as the “JG Army”.

Garner said touring and social media have been great ways to gain exposure, but as an independent artist, without the support of a label, the biggest asset to his arsenal of marketing strategies has been his education. He has a marketing degree from Southern University that he uses as one of the biggest tools in the promotion of his music.

“Music is great but you have to have some level of marketing behind you to help you get music out. You can be the best singer, but you have to have the knowledge and know- how, and I feel that that degree gave me that.”

Garner refers to Michael Jackson and Usher as his inspirations, but said he developed his passion for music growing up in church. Yet while he acknowledges those things, he said he has been told that his talent comes from his father, Ernest “Oldie” Garner, who died when he was two. Earnest was a member of the Plaquemine-based band The Rockin’ Imperials who also saw international success.

Garner said he is going to continue his career and the trail started by his father as he prepares to release his newest E.P., 7. Inspired by a recent trip to California, 7 is a project containing seven tracks recorded in seven days. It will be released at the beginning of April. Justin Garner I AM Japan Version Coverage-2 copy

justin garner two copy“So many great things happened on that [California] trip and I came back on such an emotional high. I was inspired to write these seven songs.”

He is planning a summer tour in the United States and Japan to promote 7 and celebrate the success of I Am. But before then, Garner said he is also setting aside time to give back to Louisiana and will be working with the Baton Rouge Chapter of the American Red Cross.

“The people at the Red Cross are just like us, except instead of getting up to go to work, they’re getting up to volunteer to be there for their community.”

Last year Garner helped the organization start the “Give Back Campaign” where portions of the proceeds from a concert hosted by Garner were donated the American Red Cross. He will be doing the concert again this year.

With all of his recent success and the success expected to come Garner, he said he has a goal that goes deeper than just to entertain the masses.

“I enjoy seeing someone else’s expression to music, more than the spotlight, giving someone peace of mind for a just a few minutes is what I enjoy.”

In the future, Garner said he would like to be signed to major record label. His ideal music contract would be with a label supportive enough to invest in a singer who writes, co-produces and has independently released material. So far he has yet to be offered that non-controlling type of contract, but he’s hopeful. Until then, he plans to continue pursuing his independent career and making himself undeniable.

Boosie Speaks

When Lil’Boosie’s five year prison sentence came to an end  this year the first thing he wanted to was speak and that’s exactly what he did. The rapper hosted “Boosie Speaks” in New Orleans. During his first official press conference , only for invited guest and journalist,the rapper sat down with radio personality to Angela Ye to discuss his plans for the future and clear up any rumors surrounding his freedom.  Boosie talked about everything from being referred to as the second coming of Jesus to his thoughts on on the current state of the rap industry.  Check out the highlights below:



Lil Kim reveals pregnancy during NYFW

preg kim
photo courtesy of

40 year old rapper Lil Kim showed attendees of The Blonds NY Fashion show , during New York Fashion Week she is expecting her first child.

Fashion Bomb Daily (probably one the of the best fashion blog ever; your welcome) snapped the first picture of the rapper ,who  once proudly proclaimed she had the “ill na-na”, sporting the bump.

The Brooklyn native overcame a rocky 2013 that consisting of a bankruptcy and lawsuits, but this pregnancy may be the sign of a more prosperous 2014. Congrats Kim

Bow Wow Fired From BET Story is False

bow wowCurrent 106& Park host and rapper Bow Wow understands that while clothing and travel are considered work expenses child support payments are not.

The story, from a website called creambmp, alleges the rapper and actor was escorted off Black Entertainment Television’s  property after a company accountant discovered he used company funds to pay child support.

The “Bow Wow Fired From 106 & Park for Using Company Card to Pay Child Support” story that has been  circulating on Facebook and other social media is not real.

The story, from a website called creambmp, purportedly describes the rapper and actor Bow Wow escorted off B.E.T. property after a company accountant discovered he used company funds to pay child support.

Bow Wow is described , in the article, as spending over $30,000 on the company card tat was issued for wardrobe and travel to pay child support.

“I’m driving a used Honda and his daughter got a toy Bentley for Christmas,” a company executive is described as saying.

However, the story isn’t true.

Creambmp is one of an increasing number of websites that produce fake news or satire articles, similar to The Onion.

Since many of these websites are not very well-known, people often believe the stories and circulate them saying that they are true.

So although we haven’t heard a single from the one time rapper the checks are still coming from somewhere.

Documentary Explores Booty Injection Trend



Pain 1

There are more than three million “twerking” videos currently on youtube; solidifying this generation’s obsession with the derriere and its appearnece isn’t going anywhere and because of this illegal butt enhancements could be America’s next major epidemic.

Creating the perfect posterior has become a lucrative business for plastic surgeons and hustlers alike.

Most of the women who seek the procedure can’t afford the prices to get it professionally done, so they’ll call ” a friend of a friend” and turn to back alleys for discount work from unqualified sources.

pain 2

The dcocumentary Butt Loads of Pain explores butt shots gone wrong and what life is like for some of the women , and men,  who have had their posteriors plumped.

One Miami stripper explains “It’s like the Underground railroad. You tell somebody, they tell somebody.  I went to sleep flat and woke up with a booty”

Buttloads of Pain is entertaining, revealing and informative, look into the obsession to attain the perfect “booty” that could sometimes come with serious complications.

Check out the trailer below.

Filmmaker’s Debut Chronicles New Orleans’ Bounce in Documentary

Skip dance
Shelby “Skip” Skipper dances as mentor Big Choo looks on

I remember when I first moved to Louisiana and heard bounce music; I literally thought something was wrong with track until I noticed everyone in the club was dancing. That was more than five years and now that I have been a resident of Louisiana much longer I’ve grown to appreciate  Bounce music  and soon so will the world.

The world? Really Cameron? Yes the world. I say this because  I attended a screening  of Omitted at the 2013 New Orleans Film Festival.  Serving as  filmaker Kenna Moore‘s debut ; Omitted  is a documentary that chronicles the genre of music,  originated in Louisiana, know as “Bounce”.

Photo courtesy of Ghost of Elyesian Films and MLC Photography
Photo courtesy of Ghost of Elyesian Films and MLC Photography

” I chose to title the film Omitted because this style of music and dance seen in the film is one that gets over shadowed in the film” said Moore

Omitted not only chronicles how the genre of music   ,and dance style that accompanies, it  is deeply woven into Louisiana’s Culture , but also how it has become a way of life for some.

Stars of Omitted Skip and Big Choo
Stars of Omitted Skip and Big Choo

“This isn’t just a hobby this is what I want to do for the rest of my life ; I want to dance , I want to teach lessons; Bounce has opened so many doors for me and taken me so many places” said Shelby “Skip” Skipper Dancer

Omitted chronicles ,over a four month period, the amount of energy and time Skip has put into his craft. Showcasing his performaces on shows such as Ellen and competing on shows like So You Think You Can Dance.  Also featured in the film is New Orlean’s Bounce artist Big Choo who not only serves as the man behind the mic and multiple bounce hits , but also a mentor to Skip.

Moore does an amazing bring to light an Omitted part of Louisiana culture while beautifully taking us along for the ride as someone stops at nothing to make their dreams a reality.

This film will do nothing but put you in a great mood, motivate you and most importantly get up and most importantly get up and dance.

Check out the trailer for Omitted here.

Rihanna Twerks on Water in “Pour it Up” Video

Rihanna cover

Rihanna has definitely snatched back the crown from Miley Cyrus for being the raunchiest and ratchet pop star on the planet.

Rihanna has finally stopped teasing us and released the video for  stripper anthem “Pour It Up” and it’s everything that the behind-the-scenes photos hinted  it would be.

Last week in behind the scenes video the pop star mentions she one-ups Cyrus when she says, “I bet you’ve never seen b-tches twerk on water.”

rihanna vid

The video features some amazing acrobatics from queens of the pole like Nicole “The Pole” Williams, Secret Moneii and Candy Cane.

She definitely blew Miley out of the water, pun intended, check it out here:

Don’t know Nicole “The Pole” Williams check out the video that made Rihanna take notice below:

Lamar Odom’s Dealer Cuts Him Off


According to TMZ Lamar Odom’s crack cocaine addiction has reached such dangerous levels..his own dealer cut him off.
Allegedey the NBA stars addicition has become insaitiable he calls the dealer at all hours demanding crack.

It has been reported the athlete’s drug habit was costing him at minimum of $800 dollars a day. Why would the person making $800 dollars a day resign?  Apparently Odom’s dealer cut him off  due to the fear that a possible overdose could send authorities his way.

Sources closes to Odom have told the press this hasn’t encouraged him stop using or contact estranged wife Khole Kardashian.

Last week Odom was arrested for a DUI; although police found no alcohol or drugs in his SUV. According to the LAPD officers at the scene  he smelled of alcohol and his behavior lead to them to believe he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Earlier this month, after a failed intervention attempt,  Khole Kardashian gave her husband  the ultimatium “get clean or the marriage is over”. So far neither Odom or Kardashian have taken the steps to end the marriage, but it has been reported the couple haven’t spoken in weeks. E! News is reporting Odom is currently seeking out patient treatment it has yet to be confirmed by athlete’s camp.