Company Offers Rob Kardashian Lifestyle Change and Payday

Apparently when you get skinny your bank account gets fat-that’s if you’re Rob Kardashian.

Last December the youngest Kardashian claimed he wasn’t feeling well and he was taken to an L.A. hospital, where he was diagnosed with Diabetes.

The 28 year old began to pack on the bounds following bad break up that lead to depression and his departure from the lime light.


Rob hasn’t been seen since June of last year , but according to TMZ the next time we see Rob his waist will be shrinking and bank account expanding.

“Five Hour Diabetic,” which designs specialized meal plans for people with type 2 diabetes, reached out to Kardashian  be their spokesperson.

According to TMZ the deal includes The deal comes with a sweet $100,000 payday, plus profit sharing and a well as a lifetime membership for meal plans, and medical consultations.

Those Kardashians/Jenners know how to turn any situation into a check and  I ain’t mad at them for it!


Jaden Smith Named New Face of Louis Vuitton

Jaden Smith is the new face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 collections and his penchant for high fashion and non-gender conforming style helped him land the gig.

On Saturday, Louis Vuitton’s creative director  Nicholas Ghesquiere used his  Instagram to reveal his latest ad campaign was going to be headlined by the son of Will and Jada.

Photographer Bruce Weber snapped the 17-year-old actor/rapper  in pieces from the label’s women’s collection that made it’s debut at Paris Fashion Week.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.16.59 PM

Jaden also rocks men’s wear in the campaign and  was chosen for the non-gender conforming fashion choices he been making.

 “I’m just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because everyday it changes how I feel about the world and myself,” he told GQ in June of his sometimes out-there outfit choices.

I am def looking forward  the full ad campaign  I’m sure he’s going to have me lusting after bags and shoes.

Congrats Jaden!

*I’m not gonna lie he makes the idea of wearing a Louis Vuitton skirt look cool, but below is what my reaction will be to seeing others attempt to recreate this look..many will enter few will win!



Amiyah Scott walks away from ‘RHOA’

Model/entertainer Amiyah Scott is putting the peach offered to her to become a Real Housewife of Atlanta back on the shelf.

Scott made  headlines after word spread that she would be added to the cast and make history as the first transgender housewife.

Before the season began we saw pictures of Amiyah posing with cast members on social media and glimpses of her in the background of episodes, as we waited for her to make an official appearance.

According to TMZ Scott balked at the idea of producers wanting make the model/entertainer an over-serialized and shady vixen on the show.

Amiyah was hoping to use the show as platform to be a role model for the transgender community.

About a month into filming Scott decided that this was not the way she wanted to be portrayed and walked off set.





She posted the video and statement below explaining her departure from the show.

Welp seeingas that was the 1st (and probably last) glimpse of me on #RHOA tonight and I haven’t said anything about it (though the hype was craaazzzzzyyy) lmao. Let me say, I enjoyed ALL the ladies & I had a great time filming multiple scenes with them! Unfortunately due to contractual complications + the magic of editing, you won’t be seeing as much of me as expected. *whispers* (I don’t work for free. Lol. 😊) But everything happens for a reason & it was still an awesome experience! I’m in my 20’s and when this opportunity was BROUGHT to me, It was no guarantees & I was cool with that, but I wasn’t going to exploit myself or act out of character for it… I honestly saw a chance to help change the perspective of MY community, but I wanted to maintain my dignity. Housewife and Transgender aren’t words that are usually associated… Funny, because anyone who knows me knows that being a housewife is a dream of mine, not on reality tv, but in real life. 👰🏽 But contrary to popular belief, I personally know transgender housewives, models, doctors, lawyers and many other successful unique individuals, along with so many others who are fighting to break the negative stigma associated with the trans community. Not to mention, a lot of our opportunities are limited due to discrimination and that’s why most are forced into compromising occupations. But my point in this is to say, me filming with the #RealHousewivesOfAtlanta was not for attention, but to assist in breaking a stereotype. Trans women are not only sex objects or prostitutes. We are strong, educated & human just like everyone else. AND WE ARE HERE AND WE DEMAND RESPECT. And whatever I have to do to assist in that I will and won’t regret it. Now let me call my bf and schedule a hair appointment.

We’re rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! *In my Tyra voice* Hey, I understand can definitely respect some one for not putting a price on their morals and values.

We will see Amiyah on TV soon, she’s already been cast on Empire creator Lee Daniels’ new show.

*Even Kandi was sad to see her leave:



‘Afluenza’ Teen and Mom take Mexian Getaway

I thought I had a “cool” mom, but Tonya Couch takes the cake – or her son on a Mexican getaway when he is wanted by the police.

Ethan Couch, 18, went missing earlier this month, two years after he made national headlines following his sentence of probation for a drunken driving crash that killed four people.

Controversy followed the case after a psychologist claimed he suffered from “Alfuenza”, he  was described as being so wealthy and spoiled he could not tell the difference between right and wrong.

He has been serving 10 years probation for intoxication manslaughter, a sentence critics saw as too light.

caught with video

Couch made a headlines again after the recent video appeared to show the teen playing a drinking game at a party.

Shortly after the release of this video Tony decided that Puerto Vallarta is beautiful this time of year.

Ethan and his 48-year-old mother disappeared earlier this month, prompting officials in Tarrant County, Texas, to issue a warrant for his arrest.

Their passports had been reported missing by the teen’s father, who has cooperated with investigators.

U.S. Marshals offered a $5,000 reward in exchange for his whereabouts.That’s would my mom would have done the opposite Tonya and be $5,000 richer.

Couch and his mother, Tonya Couch, were taken into custody on Monday evening in the Pacific Ocean resort of Puerto Vallarta.

At the time of his conviction, prosecutors said Couch could be incarcerated up to 10 years for violating his probation terms.

It hasn’t been determined if Tonya Couch will face any charges as of now.

I wonder if could self diagnose myself with “Brokefluenza?

“Officer I’m sorry I stole those shoes from Saks I suffer from ‘Brokefluenza’ I’m so broke, I assumed the store would just let me have them.”

Well, somebody else try it first and let me know.




Getting sweaty with Lululemon

Pit Check

Running has become a way for me to stay in shape and relieve stress, and also help balance out my addiction to carbs,  so as I began to pursue it more and more, I wanted a product that would motivate me while ensuring that I look good.

Spending more time running meant that I needed to invest the same amount of money into my running wardrobe as I do in my other clothing. That’s when I learned that shopping for workout clothes would be different than shopping for everyday wear. Although it ranked high, looking good was not priority, but functionality was. As I looked around, I couldn’t find the two together. I would find a pair of shorts and shirt that look great, but after doing a few jumping jacks, yes jumping jacks, in the dressing room the comfort just wasn’t there. Then I would find something that passed the jumping jack test, but was lacking in the looks department.

Then I found Lululemon. I had seen their logo before on people as ran the lakes or even on the person, but it was brief conversation at Target that made me want to try the brand. As I stood in the checkout line I heard a man and woman discussing the seven-mile run they had just finished – they looked as if they were dressed to begin a run and not like they had just finished one. I just knew they were freaks of nature. So I asked them “Did you guys literally just finishing running seven miles in 70 degree weather?”. The lady looked at me and replied “Yes”. Their faces were red and sweaty, but the rest of their bodies and their clothes were bone dry. I pointed this out to the woman and said that’s why I asked and man replied, “We’re wearing Lululemon”.

From that brief conversation I knew Lululemon sounded exactly what was I looking for – it would provide comfort, functionality, yet still look appealing.

After search online I found Baton Rouge was home to a Lululemon show room. Also through my research I learned that Lululemon began yoga-inspired athletic apparel company, but branched out to provide comfort those who run, work out and participate in other sweaty pursuits.

The Lululemon showroom in Baton Rouge is located at 7342 Highland Road
The Lululemon showroom in Baton Rouge is located at 7342 Highland Road

I was slightly apprehensive about visiting because I thought I’d be entering a place filled with yoga and running enthusiasts who would be nothing but annoyed that an amateur had ventured into their territory. It couldn’t have been more of the opposite, as soon as I entered the small showroom – the sales associate, Amanda began a conversation with me.

The first product I got was the Metal Vent Tech SS shirt. Not only does it have mesh venting, it’s seam free to avoid chaffing. I also got a pair of Pace Breaker shorts.

I try to run at least 12 miles a week, usually three miles per day, but wearing Lululemon pushed me to run farther. The comfort of their athletic apparel is the best. I usually run without a shirt to help keep cool, but the lightweight feel and moisture wick material of the Metal Vent Tech SS shirt kept me cooler than I would’ve been shirtless. As ran I could feel the breeze through the breathable material as I took each stride.

I was just as comfortable in the Pace Breaker shorts. I actually want use them for lounging and lunging and I even slept in them one night to ensure I would get up and run. My favorite feature is the strategically placed mesh venting on the sides and the two way stretch fabric allowing the wearer to move easily in them.

Eat drink sweat
Located in Lululemon T-shirts are motivational messages, mine told me to “Drink, Sweat, Repeat”

No matter what type of workout you do, you can’t avoid sweat and odor but the Pace Breaker Short and Metal Vent Tech SS Shirt absorb both. When I run I sweat a lot, sometimes to the point I have to wring out my shirt, but when I finished my run, just like the couple I saw at Target, you could only see sweat on my forehead. As far as odor, neither of the products needed to be washed until third or fourth workout.

Needless to say Lululemon has found a customer for life in me. Its been almost three months I’ve been running in my Lululemon gear and their products continue to not only motivate me to want to work harder and sweat more, but also my runs are now more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Metal Vent Tech SS Shirt only needs to washed between every third to fifth workout. I waited until the sixth to test that theory find out what happens below:

How to spot a fake Hermes Constance Belt.

An authentic men's Constance Belt.
An authentic men’s Constance Belt.

I was in Houston for the weekend and took a trip to The Galleria. After succumbing to my retail addiction for couple hours and having small intervention, after realizing the cost of my taste I realized I had two choices: continue raiding the galleria and have to live in my car or spend the rest of my time window shopping.

After deciding my car wasn’t going to be my new home I left the Galleria, but found myself in Hermes. I casually walked around the store lusting over everything:$1500 leather cuffs, $10,000 briefcases $400 boxers, it was luxury heaven. I guess I’m just a masochist.

I think after noticing the excitement in my eyes within  a few minutes I heard :” Would you like to see anything?” from older sales woman.

Usually I would’ve said a polite “no I’m  just browsing”, but instead I decided to some research and replied “I’m looking for a constance belt”.  The sales associate realized I knew how speak ” Hermes” and she ushered me over to collection of leather belts and the classic  “H” buckles.

My curiosity was peaked after reading about a police raid in Baton Rouge where  Federal Agents seized 3,082 fake designer shoes and purses with an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1 million in the raid. Among the items were fake Nike shoes, and bogus Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada and Coach merchandise.

A picture of a counterfeit men's Constance Belt.
A picture of a counterfeit men’s Constance Belt.

Now for those of you who don’t know the Hermes constance belt is one of the most sought after items made the luxury goods company. The simple belt with a held together by a large “H” buckle  has been seen on celebrities and public figures ranging from Drake to Oprah.  This highly sought after belt which starts at $800 for basic leather belt and buckle and can cost up to $4500 for an exotic skin is a sure sign that you “started at the bottom and now you’re here”.

Former Professional Football Player Chad Ocho-Cinco wearing a Constance belt.
Former Professional Football Player Chad Ocho-Cinco wearing a Constance belt.

The reason I had to see the belt was because everywhere I went wether it was  the club or the grocery I store I would see someone walking around with the coveted “H” around their waste. I had to put the envy aside and realize Baton Rouge is no Beverly Hills and not too many people in the Capitol city have kind of income to afford an Hermes belt.

So after coming to coming to realization that majority of the belts I was lusting after on a day to day basis were fake I decided for research, and mainly my own entertainment, I needed to know how to spot faux Constance belt. So I asked the sales woman and  she gave me three big tips.

1. Any hermes box is going say made in france on the side of lid. ( If it doesn’t say that then the box is fake and so are it’s contents)

2. All real “H” buckles are going to engraved with  “Hermes” at the top.

3. Most importantly no matter what time of metal the back of the buckle will  be matte and not shiny.

4. A dead giveway is fraying at the top, Hermes product are made from the highest quality leather and are handmade. So an authentic constance will not begin tear along the seam or begin to come apart.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the store but I found a video posted by blogger Preston Boyer that gives good tips and similar to the lesson I received in spotting impostors.

Not that I have anything against people who purchase fake or “replica” luxury goods, ok well maybe I am little biased. I just don’t understand the point of buying and imitation of quality that will fall apart in order to portray a lifestyle some people can’t afford in some cases. Part of the excitement , once over coming the price, is the fact that your paying for quality product that will last decades and in some cases appreciate in value. Also knowing how to spot the fake Constance will protect those who are looking for an authentic one from counterfeiters. You’re welcome for the heads up.

What I learned at SXSW

SXSW Wristband

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to attend South by Southwest  in Austin, Texas. I’ve always considered myself a nerd so attending a conference that combines music and movies, and technology was nothing short of heaven. Attending SXSW did not live up to the high expectations I had spent years setting– it superceded them! Although for someone who has been, the experience can almost be overwhelming. So I compiled a list of 6 do’s that can help make your experience even better.

1. Be Prepared to Walk.

SXSW takes over all of downtown Austin, most of the busier streets are closed for the onslaught of pedestrian traffic. Venues are scattered throughout the downtown area so comfortable shoes are a must! I would also bring water because while racing from showcase to party, its important to stay hydrated in the sweltering Texas Heat.

2. Be Flexible

flash mob

( I literally got stuck in a flash mob, only at SXSW.)

Flexibility is key! Although lineups for shows and showcases are made months in advance “life” happens. You just never know what artist or panelist may or may not be able to make it to SXSW. Lineups are always changing, don’t cling to your schedule too tightly, be ready to adapt! This, in my opinion, is what made the experience the most exciting!!!

3. Arrive there EARLY!

Parties during SXSW are the only parties where RSVP doesn’t mean guaranteed entry. Yes, the person who did RSVP two hours before the party, that  you previously RSVPd to weeks ago, could possible get in before you if they are ahead of you in the line. Although shows rarely start on time they tend to open the gates on time and the bigger the artist, the longer the line and greater the chance you WON’T get in to see the show. RSVP and get there EARLY! (Unless you have press passes of course, oh the delight!)


4. Stay Linked in.

If you aren’t on Twitter or Facebook, yes there are still some of them out there, then SXSW is the best time to get acquainted or reacquainted. This is especially true for someone who has never been to SXSW. Social network sites will be one of the best guides during your SXSW experience! These sites will keep you aware of the locations of “secret shows” or locations to recharge a cell phone or laptop. Don’t only rely on social networks, take advantage of websites like Eventbrite and RSVPster to help find showcase and RSVP to them for free.

Phone Charger

( this phone charger at an American Airlines event saved my life but following @sxsw on twitter helped me find it)

5. You will get FREE stuff… BRING A BAG!

Converse Bag

(thanks Converse)

SXSW is swag heaven! There are tons representatives from every company you could think of ranging from MTV to American Airlines. Those companies and their reps will want to put of their merchandise in your hands; trust me they will fill up quick! I got everything imagiable from aluminum water bottles (thanks ASOS!) to free shoes from Converse and more t-shirts than I care to count. Theres nothing worse than being in the hot Texas sun lugging around 10 Swag bags from venue to venue.


6. Network, Network, Network!!!

So many people come to SXSW with many different goals. Filmmakers, musicians, managers and publicist, and marketing execs were everywhere! There tens of thousands of people in town with tens of thousands of goals, you never know who you will run into and how long you have to make an impression. Make sure that you bring lots of business cards! Send someone to your Facebook, Twitter or WordPress, with links to all of your other works. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to anyone! If you’re within their range, don’t stop and stare or just stop to take a picture, if you’re there for business, NETWORK!

KIa Shine( I literally bumped into rapper Kia Shine sometimes even the artist have to walk from venue to venue)