Getting sweaty with Lululemon

Pit Check

Running has become a way for me to stay in shape and relieve stress, and also help balance out my addiction to carbs,  so as I began to pursue it more and more, I wanted a product that would motivate me while ensuring that I look good.

Spending more time running meant that I needed to invest the same amount of money into my running wardrobe as I do in my other clothing. That’s when I learned that shopping for workout clothes would be different than shopping for everyday wear. Although it ranked high, looking good was not priority, but functionality was. As I looked around, I couldn’t find the two together. I would find a pair of shorts and shirt that look great, but after doing a few jumping jacks, yes jumping jacks, in the dressing room the comfort just wasn’t there. Then I would find something that passed the jumping jack test, but was lacking in the looks department.

Then I found Lululemon. I had seen their logo before on people as ran the lakes or even on the person, but it was brief conversation at Target that made me want to try the brand. As I stood in the checkout line I heard a man and woman discussing the seven-mile run they had just finished – they looked as if they were dressed to begin a run and not like they had just finished one. I just knew they were freaks of nature. So I asked them “Did you guys literally just finishing running seven miles in 70 degree weather?”. The lady looked at me and replied “Yes”. Their faces were red and sweaty, but the rest of their bodies and their clothes were bone dry. I pointed this out to the woman and said that’s why I asked and man replied, “We’re wearing Lululemon”.

From that brief conversation I knew Lululemon sounded exactly what was I looking for – it would provide comfort, functionality, yet still look appealing.

After search online I found Baton Rouge was home to a Lululemon show room. Also through my research I learned that Lululemon began yoga-inspired athletic apparel company, but branched out to provide comfort those who run, work out and participate in other sweaty pursuits.

The Lululemon showroom in Baton Rouge is located at 7342 Highland Road
The Lululemon showroom in Baton Rouge is located at 7342 Highland Road

I was slightly apprehensive about visiting because I thought I’d be entering a place filled with yoga and running enthusiasts who would be nothing but annoyed that an amateur had ventured into their territory. It couldn’t have been more of the opposite, as soon as I entered the small showroom – the sales associate, Amanda began a conversation with me.

The first product I got was the Metal Vent Tech SS shirt. Not only does it have mesh venting, it’s seam free to avoid chaffing. I also got a pair of Pace Breaker shorts.

I try to run at least 12 miles a week, usually three miles per day, but wearing Lululemon pushed me to run farther. The comfort of their athletic apparel is the best. I usually run without a shirt to help keep cool, but the lightweight feel and moisture wick material of the Metal Vent Tech SS shirt kept me cooler than I would’ve been shirtless. As ran I could feel the breeze through the breathable material as I took each stride.

I was just as comfortable in the Pace Breaker shorts. I actually want use them for lounging and lunging and I even slept in them one night to ensure I would get up and run. My favorite feature is the strategically placed mesh venting on the sides and the two way stretch fabric allowing the wearer to move easily in them.

Eat drink sweat
Located in Lululemon T-shirts are motivational messages, mine told me to “Drink, Sweat, Repeat”

No matter what type of workout you do, you can’t avoid sweat and odor but the Pace Breaker Short and Metal Vent Tech SS Shirt absorb both. When I run I sweat a lot, sometimes to the point I have to wring out my shirt, but when I finished my run, just like the couple I saw at Target, you could only see sweat on my forehead. As far as odor, neither of the products needed to be washed until third or fourth workout.

Needless to say Lululemon has found a customer for life in me. Its been almost three months I’ve been running in my Lululemon gear and their products continue to not only motivate me to want to work harder and sweat more, but also my runs are now more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Metal Vent Tech SS Shirt only needs to washed between every third to fifth workout. I waited until the sixth to test that theory find out what happens below:


Paul George denies he was catfished

According to multiple media outlets Indiana Pacers star  Paul George allegedly sent naked photos of himself ,unknowingly, to a gay man.

Paul George
One of the photos Paul George sent to “Paul”

It’s not like the basketball player drove thousands of miles to meet what he thought would be the woman of his dreams, only to find out it was someone playing with his emotions via a social network and be embarrassed on national t.v.

If you didn’t know what being “catfished” was I just explained it you.

He was   just looking for “Mrs. Right Now” and it she just happened to be “Mr. Lets see if I can trick celebrities into sending me naked pictures” . I know that was a long last name, but it’s funny when you read it out load.

The man, who is only known as Paul, claimed that he previously sent out various provocative pictures to numerous athletes and celebrities hoping that they would  to respond to them.

So for that you really can’t get mad at George, women throw themselves at professional athletes all the time and you can’t get mad at young man for wanting to take advantage.

When one is presented with so many options a.k.a “groupies”, shouldn’t one’s taste become more discerning? Paul sent this woman multiple pictures including ones of his face, but didn’t ask for many in return.

I mean, wouldn’t he want to see what type of face is attached to the ass,does that even matter?

Then Indiana Pacer star George Hill reminded me that celebrities are just regular people and  people make mistakes aka let themselves get catfished.

After Hill  warmed up with his fellow Pacers on March 25  he told the waiting press, “The whole story, as far as me being catfished, I know the girl that sent the pictures out. It wasn’t a catfish story, it was a girl – I don’t want to get into the story but I know who’s behind it.”

He told the Indianapolis Star it was some woman he knows.


Grambling Gives Head Football Coach his “Walking” Papers

Former Grambling State University Head Football Coach Greg Williams
Former Grambling State University Head Football Coach Greg Williams

The News-Star in Monroe is reporting that Grambling State’s head football coach Doug Williams has been fired.

Williams told The News-Star that university president Frank Pogue called him into the office, handed him a slip of paper and fired him.

Grambling started the season with a 23-9 loss to Alabama A&M and losing to ULM 48-10 last week.

Williams made history in the NFL , with the Washington Redskins, as the first and only black starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl in 1987

Williams did not participate in the weekly SWAC coaches’ teleconference Monday and told the News-Star Grambling President Frank Pogue simply called him into his office, handed him a piece of paper and relieved him of his duties.

Grambling State University has announced running backs’ coach George Ragsdale will serve as interim head coach. 

Lamar Odom’s Dealer Cuts Him Off


According to TMZ Lamar Odom’s crack cocaine addiction has reached such dangerous levels..his own dealer cut him off.
Allegedey the NBA stars addicition has become insaitiable he calls the dealer at all hours demanding crack.

It has been reported the athlete’s drug habit was costing him at minimum of $800 dollars a day. Why would the person making $800 dollars a day resign?  Apparently Odom’s dealer cut him off  due to the fear that a possible overdose could send authorities his way.

Sources closes to Odom have told the press this hasn’t encouraged him stop using or contact estranged wife Khole Kardashian.

Last week Odom was arrested for a DUI; although police found no alcohol or drugs in his SUV. According to the LAPD officers at the scene  he smelled of alcohol and his behavior lead to them to believe he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Earlier this month, after a failed intervention attempt,  Khole Kardashian gave her husband  the ultimatium “get clean or the marriage is over”. So far neither Odom or Kardashian have taken the steps to end the marriage, but it has been reported the couple haven’t spoken in weeks. E! News is reporting Odom is currently seeking out patient treatment it has yet to be confirmed by athlete’s camp.

Southern’s Athletic Director focuses on NCAA Standards, Improving Coaching Staff,and Generating Revenue,

William Broussard admittedly is no athlete. Aside from a short stint in
football, Broussard is far from your student athlete. But he is a scholar
and strategic thinker–two traits that landed him the job as Southern
University’s youngest athletic director.
The lack of athleticism isn’t uncommon for ADs nationwide. “More and more
universities are hiring athletic directors because this allows coaches to
focus their duties while someone else is overseeing the entire program and
ensuring that it is generating revenue,” said Broussard.
He is a 2000 graduate of Northwestern State University, and the university
of Arizona where earned a doctorate in rhetoric, composition, and the
teaching of the English language in 2007.
It was his faculty  positions in athletics and student life along with being
a former football player for NSU that inspired him to become involved in
sports administration.
At 36, Broussard has been athletics director at Centenary College in
Shreveport and cited NCAA rules compliance, academic performance and
“institutional advancement “as areas he attributes to the success he
experienced there.
He’s brought that same focus to help ensure Southern’s Athletic program is
successful even with recent coaching turnovers.
“We (are) working toward better adapting to Division 1 standards; it has
lead to some coaching turnovers, but also improvements. If we have high
quality coaches who up hold the rules they will attract high quality
While the student-athletes are learning in the classroom, he said, coaches
will attend classes and conferences that not only focus on better coaching
techniques but also provides strategies for building character and reaching
NCAA standards.
As Associate Athletic Director for External Relations and Executive Director
of the NSU Athletic Association in 2007, Broussard oversaw all areas of
athletic fundraising and external relations.  He broke records for or
attainment, annual fund, and corporate sponsorships. At NSU he also
garnered the largest gifts in the history of the department as well as the
university as a whole “athletic directors also work not  only to ensure
athletic  programs run well  but also generate revenue for universities
through building relationships with sponsors and creating ticket packages
that fans can afford,” said Broussard.
According to him, the department is also achieving academic success.
“It’s easy to say I want all of our sports to win more than they lose, but
we don’t want lose sight of the main focus and that is our athletes
graduating,” said Broussard.

In the last nine months, he has coordinated a social media and advertising
campaign (“#StandUnited”), hired 4 new coaches, dramatically improved home
football attendance and brought the Bayou Classic trophy back to the Bluff,
tripled the number of corporate sponsors and total attainment, established multi-year
university sponsorships netting millions of dollars in private support,
re-established or developed corporate and media relationships to establish
positive public relations.
Broussard said Jaguar fans can expect strong performances in indoor and
outdoor track, championship runs and potential NCAA appearances by Southern
baseball, women’s tennis, and men and women basketball; increased alumni
engagement and setting or breaking new records for corporate sponsorships
and private investment in Southern Athletics–as well as another National
Top 5 attendance record for 2013 football.
His life motto is “Whom the gods will destroy, first they label ‘promising.’
Potential is wonderful, results are better.”  He and wife, Kendra, live in
Baton Rouge.

Southern University: New Head Football Coach Believes in Recruiting more local Athletes and Shaping Alumni who will Give Back

odum 1

As Southern University’s new head football coach Dawson Odums believes better developing the character of players and recruiting more Louisiana athletes will lead to a successful 2013 season.

“ Im not making any predictions I’m just a hard working country boy who loves coaching football, we have some talented young men that are part of the program already and we have an administration that supports change and making Southern University the best” said Odums

Odums said that he is using the “dead” time during the holidays to focus on recruiting for the upcoming season. He believes the success of any football program is determined by the type of athletes it recruits and he will on focus more this year on recruiting athletes from Louisiana.

“Throughout the entire interview process Coach Odums showed myself and the rest of the committee quite clearly that he has the attributes to be successful not only as a division one head coach, not only at Southern but also meet the expectations we have for success in the football program and recruit successful student athletes who we will steward towards graduation.” said Greg Broussard Southern University Athletic Director

Odums said historically some of football program’s most talented players have come from within the state. In the past thirteen days he and his staff have visited almost 213 schools in . Although he is focusing on pursing local athletes the coaching staff will also continue pursue talent outside of Louisiana because

“We have to change our perception of Louisiana we are trying to recruit more within Baton Rouge and surrounding areas because what we do know is that if bring more local talent that will draw more fans to the games. “ said Odums

Although he and his staff are beginning the recruiting process Odums said he is confident in players he has returning to the team in the fall. He is currently assessing the needs of the team , currently with 16 confirmed starters on defense and offense, and looking at current college athletes who could make the transfer to Southern as early as January. Not only will he focus on primarily on a prospective player’s athletic ability but also their : academics, talent, character and attitude.


“I look at this program as a puzzle and it is important for people to understand there are many pieces that make up that puzzle and my process is getting those pieces of the puzzle together to move the football program forward.” said Odums


Odums said that in order for the team to be a successful and move forward they must display good character. Good charter can be shown by possessing three qualities , accountability integrity and discipline, on and off the field. Odums believes players who posses those qualities, will not only contribute to the university as a student and athlete , but also leave Southern as an Alumni who will represent the institution well.


“If we provide these young men with a great experience on the field and in the classroom they will become proud alumni who will want give back and not only make this program better but also the University as a whole ” said Odums


Odums became the interim coach in September after the university fired head coach Albert “Stump” Mitchell after an 0-2 start. Odums went 4-5, including beating Grambiling 38 to 33in the Bayou Classic last month. Southern Athletic Director William Broussard recommended Odums for the position that was approved at a Board of Supervisors meeting. Odums is the university’s 20th head football coach and the only other Southern coach , along with Pete Richardson in 1993, who has claimed first-season wins over Grambling, Jackson State, and Florida A&M.

Odum 2

“This was a national process we wanted someone with experience coaching at the NCAA level with a record of success and we wanted someone who could represent Jaguar Football from one end of the country to the other with class and dignity.” said Broussard


Odums was chosen over candidate that included: Bethune-Cookman head coach Brian Jenkins , Alabama State special teams coordinator John Hendrick and Nevada Offensive line coach James Spady.


“ Coach Odums demonstrated the type of abilities he had when he took over as interim coach and I am looking forward to great season and football team not only in terms of wins and losses but also how these young men will contribute to Southern University” said Dr. James Llorens Southern Univeristy Chancellor


Odums is a North Carolina native and N.C. Central graduate who came to Southern in 2011 after serving , for three years, at North Carolina A&T as the Aggies’ co-defensive coordinator in 2010 and defensive line coach in 2009. Odums was also the interim head coach at Clark Atlanta during the 2004 season and head coach in 2005.