Company Offers Rob Kardashian Lifestyle Change and Payday

Apparently when you get skinny your bank account gets fat-that’s if you’re Rob Kardashian.

Last December the youngest Kardashian claimed he wasn’t feeling well and he was taken to an L.A. hospital, where he was diagnosed with Diabetes.

The 28 year old began to pack on the bounds following bad break up that lead to depression and his departure from the lime light.


Rob hasn’t been seen since June of last year , but according to TMZ the next time we see Rob his waist will be shrinking and bank account expanding.

“Five Hour Diabetic,” which designs specialized meal plans for people with type 2 diabetes, reached out to Kardashian  be their spokesperson.

According to TMZ the deal includes The deal comes with a sweet $100,000 payday, plus profit sharing and a well as a lifetime membership for meal plans, and medical consultations.

Those Kardashians/Jenners know how to turn any situation into a check and  I ain’t mad at them for it!


The shade: Naomi Campbell responds to Kim and Kanye Vogue cover

Ever since Vogue Magazine released the image of its  cover featuring Kimye and baby North it has been topic of discussion among fans of the couple, fans of the magazine and industry insiders , but supermodel  Naomi Campbell doesn’t even think about it.


The queen of the catwalk was recently asked by an Austrian morning show on her opinion of the cover, that has  had to be defended by the magazines Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. Campbell,  who has graced the cover Vogue a few times, responded with answer that remind us “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” My favorite part is the laugh at the beginning.


Check it out below:



The fact she gives her opinion with out giving her opinion is classic.

Kim K Sends Faux Baby Photos to “Friends”

Drake said it best “No new friends” and Kim Kardashian is making sure her  old ones are still holding her down.

It’s been reported the alleged  photos of baby North West we’ve seen making their way around the internet are not Kim and Kayne’s newborn, but instead an impostor. The twist to the story is that most famous member of the Kardashian clan leaked the faux North pics herself.

The last picture of taken of Kim Kardashian. Kardashain, who has already sold her Beverly Hills Home, has been in undisclosed location since giving birth June 15th.
The last picture of taken of Kim Kardashian. Kardashain, who has already sold her Beverly Hills Home, has been in undisclosed location since giving birth June 15th.

According to TMZ Kardashian, 32, reportedly sent fake pictures to at least six people in her inner circle of “friends” as  a clever plan to see who would try to sell the photos.

TMZ has already received two of the photos that one of Kardashian’s so-called friends may have tried to cash in on, but confirmed the infants in the snapshots were not little North.

During her appearance on the “Today” Show this morning proud grandmother,  Kris Jenner,  kept her baby photos close  not even letting Matt Lauer see the new baby.

One of the six alleged fake baby photos one of Kardashian's "friends" attempted to sell TMZ
One of the six alleged fake baby photos one of Kardashian’s “friends” attempted to sell TMZ

“I’d have to kill you if I showed you my cell phone,” Jenner, 57, laughed. “I’m erasing them all right after this.”

This not a surprise because not even everyone in her immediate family has been able to see baby North. Kim’s younger brother Rob explained to MSNBC that he was turned away when he attempted to visit his sister and niece at the hospital

” I actually tried to go over to see her, she wanted to have clam, peace – just my mom and her. It was all good though.”said Rob Kardashian

Although only select few have yet to see her new grandchild the Kardashian Patriarch did comment on the directional moniker chosen for her.

“I think it’s great. Why not?” she said of little North West during an interview with Fox 4 News in Dallas. “That’s what’s going on these days, lots of creative names.”

I feeling they’re going to make us wait until Kris’ new talk show premieres on July 15th; that would definitely be the Kardashian thing to do.

Kardashian Kidnapping Idea Gets Employees Kanned

A new advertisement  for Ford’s newest SUV could turn one mogul family into some unhappy Kampers. Yes, the pun was intended.


In an advertisement for the Figo a drawing depicts  celebutante Paris Hilton winking as she glances at her reality TV rivals, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, tied up and bound  in the back of the car.

Communications company J. Walker Thompson’s India branch, who’s clients include : Nike, Levi’s, and Pizza Hut, was commissioned to handle the advertising for the small SUV only available in India. Two of the firm’s employees showed  the world the three sisters are not just the butts of jokes in only the United states.

Unfortunately, the ad ideas  were created in the wrong place at the worst time . India is currently facing in crisis the uprising of sexual assaults against women. After it was determined the death of a 23-year old rape victim in New Delhi was due to injuries suffered during her attack. India recently applied a more stringent law to punish sex criminals.

Although the print artwork never circulated in any publications, the mockups were posted to the Ads of the World’s website.

Ford  issued a statement saying :

“The posters are contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within Ford and our agency partners. Together with our partners, we are reviewing approval and oversight processes to help ensure nothing like this ever happens again”

The employees also created a similar drawing involving  Formula One driver Michael Schumacher behind the wheel of the car while his race car rivals, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are tied up in the back.

Dudes in Car

In a statement, JWT said they deeply regret the publishing of posters that were distasteful and contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within WPP Group.’

The employes responsible for the creation of the advertisements were fired.
Ford Figo