Tae Heckard ends Domestic Partnership

tae heckard solo

There  have been rumors swirling around for months that former video vixen Tae Heckard and NBA star Brandon  Jennings are engaged, but Heckhard has decided to lighten her load before she can jump the broom.

Heckard can’t legally tie the knot until she terminates her relationship with a woman named Monique Blanton , who she domestically partnered up with back in 2008.

According to TMZ Sports  the ex-video vixen has filed papers to end her domestic partnership with Blanton.

According to court docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Lashontae took Monique’s last name , so their relationship appears to have been more than just a way to save on taxes and we should’ve been referring to her as Ms. Blanton and not Ms. Heckard. *sips tea*

Apparently this is all water under the bridge because Tae noted in legal docs, obtained by TMZ,  that she and Monique separated in 2011 ,citing irreconcilable differences.

Tae Hackard and Jennings
Photos from Heckard’s instagram

According to the docs, Tae checked the box to legally restore her last name to Heckard — clearing the way to become a Jennings in the event she and Brandon trade tie the not.

I guess, just like what Solonage said to Jay Z in the elevator ,we’ll never really know what happened between Heckard and Blanton, but you have to admit the woman who has served as the #womancrushwednesday for many was living with a #womancrush of her own and you ain’t even know it!